What exactly is constructivism?

Constructivism is giving students the opportunity to take what they already know and expand on it further through opportunities that are provided by the teacher. This model allows the students to foster creativity and problem solving skills to become lifelong learners. Under the constructivist model it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide activities for the children that allow them to have a constructivismbroader knowledge base. There is a strong emphasis on communication for this theory to be productive that is between student and teacher, and just between the students. This model is very much student centred as the teacher is considering the learner and the learning, rather than the topic and the content.
Although this model seems to allow the students to reach their fullest potential in terms of their knowledge and understanding there is also some negatives to the theory, these are that the teacher and the children need to know all of their prior knowledge in order to extent their learning further, and for some children their knowledge base is not quite as developed as others. It is a difficult task for the teacher to be able to choose what topic is suitable for the model.


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