According to the article Get with it a guide to cyber-bullying, bullying has been describes as “repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical conduct by an individual or group”(N/A). Whilst bullying had been seen in the school and workplace for many years, in more recent times it has taken a different approach, through what is known as cyber bullying. This particular article that was produced by the National Centre for Technology in Education and the O¬CE for Internet Safety in conjunction with Barnardos, was created in order to educate parents and their children of the new technologically advanced world, and what problems can be involved with it.
The article mentions the some of the different ways in which bullying can occur for example personal intimidation, impersonations, personal humiliation and false reporting. In order to put a stop to cyber bullying the article has presented a few effective ways to achieve this, for example don’t reply to offensive messages, always save the messages or conversations, tell someone you trust, block the sender and report the problems.
This article is quite effective in achieving its purpose of educating parents and children of the dangers that technology poses, though with this being said I feel that a separate resource for parents and a separate resources for children could have mead this more effective as it would be more age appropriate and audience specific.

* Moffat, C. (2012). Connected Women: Online tool for parents aims to avoid cyber bullying. accessed on the 2nd of April, 2013, from
* End to cyber-bullying. (2013). delete cyber bullying. Youtube clip, accesed on the 2nd of April, 2013, from


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