Promoting Intellectual Quality with an IWB


Computers and online technologies are definitely an effective tool for enhancing student learning. Computers and online technologies are tools that are very easily accessible to today’s generations, and they provide information from a wide range of sources. Today engaging students in learning activities is a much more difficult task for our teachers though through the effective use of computers and online technologies teachers are able to engage the different learning styles of students effectively.

Although it is clear that computers and online technologies are beneficial in today’s society, it is also important to ensure that these learning tools are used only as extra tools for the teacher, they should not be more important than the learning that occurs between teacher and students alone. When we are using interactive whiteboard (IWB) activities as a teaching and learning tool we need to consider the levels of ambiguity present in the task. Peter Kent states that “high levels of ambiguity usually equate to high levels of intellectual quality; low levels of ambiguity are associated to low levels of intellectual quality”(2008). There are many different kinds of activities that are available on an IWB, it is important to vary lessons and not to focus on the same activity all the time as it can begin to become over repetitive and boring.

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